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July 13, 2002

The regular meeting of the Forest Lakes Owners Association was held at the Chevelon Butte School.

Officers are:

  • PRESIDENT Frank Astemborski 
  • VICE-PRESIDENT Jack Greenleaf 
  • SECRETARY Dianne Post 
  • TREASURER Chick Ideker 
  • MEMBERS Virgilee Scholl 
  • Connie Widener
  • Al Mager
  • Jane Weathersby
  • Edna McNight 

There being a quorum present the meeting was called to order by the Vice-President, Jack Greenleaf at 2:00 P.M.


The minutes of the June 15th FLOA Meeting postponed until the August meeting


  • July 1st balance $24,464.71
  • July 13th balance $23,101.45
  • Chick made a correct to the treasure’s report given in June.

On a motion by Dianne, seconded by Edna, the treasurer's report was unanimously approved by the officers present.



On of 4/15/02 there were 595 members


The newsletter is at Randy Rubine for the graphics work


Virgilee introduced our Web-master (mistress) Jeannie Van Lew, who told us the there were a few days during the fire that there were 15,000 hits a day on the Webpage. Some were from Delaware, Ohio, California and some of them were from Europe. Many people kept her supplied with information. Just to mention a few, they were Keith, Vern and Frank


Frank reminded us the he Town Hall was supposed to be June 29 but will have to be changed as a result of the fine. Forest Lakes needs to work as a unit in order to get more grants. The town hall is a meeting of State and County Community Development Teams with the citizens of Forest Lakes to help us set a plan on what we would like to see happen here in Forest Lakes. This is our chance to talk to these agencies. Frank asked the audience if they wanted to wait until next year as many of the members of the team were tired from the fire. Frank as ked for a vote and the audience overwhelmingly wanted to not waste a year and have a meeting in September on the 28th. A member of the audience suggested that a mailing be sent out to all land owners as well as notify the TV, Radio stations and newspapers in the area.

4th of JULY PICNIC: Al

This picnic will be July 20th. We have about 30 prizes to give away and the venders have all agreed to come on this date. Debbie Ostermeier did a great job contacting all of the venders.


Sam reported by way of Frank that Forest Lakes has been given the go ahead for the plan that was submitted. Frank asked for volunteers and no one raise their hand.


Frank explained that this does not have to be someone who is in FLOA. It is for anyone who has done outstanding service to the community of Forest Lakes. The judges for the committee are: Steve Gallizioli, Joann Earl and Frank Astemborski. Forms for nominations will be in the back of the room.


Dianne stated that if we had a block watch meeting last year now is the time to have your 2nd yearly meeting. There is a new group forming in the area where Kath Ketter lives on Elk Drive. If you want to start a Block Watch group contact Diane Mitchell


Jan stated that school starts August 14th, that is on a Wednesday. Five more days have been added to the school year. This will be done with an additional day each year until the five have been added. The new school year will be 180 days, which is the average number of days in the state.


Carol pointed out that the members of the auxiliary were wearing the same tee shirts. These were the shirts they had been selling at the Fire Station.
Dianne asked Carol to explain how one could be a member and what they did. To join one pays the membership dues of $6.00 for a single membership and $10.00 for a family membership. They raise money to supplement the Fire Departments budget. They help the EMS, training for firemen and ladies and help buy equipment such as ropes for the Search and Rescue etc. Frank stated that most of the money is raised on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.


Frank reminded every one that August 31st we will be having our Annual Meeting where all of the Boards will be giving their reports and three members will be elected to the FLOA board to replace retiring members: Jane Weathersby, Edna McKnight, and Chick Ideker. 

A member of the audience asked if we would be inviting politicians running for office in our area, state, county and local, to come and speak to us. She felt it would be interesting to see who would show up.

Another member of the audience reminded us of the Potluck this evening, to show our thanks to our fire department and community members who saved our homes.

A member of the audience stated that he took offence to the sign that was out side. The said “…. We kicked the fire’s ass” He felt that it was degrading to the community to use such language. A member said to change it to ash. 


Wayne explained the grant program that the Fire Department has. The money is to be used for education, Air Curtain Destructor with loader, and to help clear 80-100 peoples yards. The Department will help clear lots by paying up half the cost one occurs up to $1000.00. The billing is done quarterly and it may take you 5-6 months to get you reimbursement back. They suggested that you get three bids so you will know if the bids you get are close and some one is not charging too much. The fire department is open 9:00 – 3:00 to come in and get you questions answered. Brian is the one who is charge of this project, clean lots and marking trees. Wayne reminded people that they needed to mark their property lines.

Frank read a letter that Carol Short wrote that might be use to remind people that they needed to clean, reduce the fuel load, on their property. There were many many people who expressed their concern about the people that will not clean their lots. Frank said we couldn’t do like Phoenix and other incorporated cities and do it for them and then charge them. Frank has been talking with Supervisor Matt Ryan and there is a method to put pressure on people to clean their lots. It will take some time as we are working with government to get this going.

A lady asked if there was a group that could help those individuals that could not do it themselves. Frank said that he was sure we could get a group together.

A gentle man said that he had heard that some members of the board had resigned and wonders what had happened and who the new members were. Frank said that he would explain what had happened privately and the new members introduced themselves: Dianne Post, Connie Widener, and Edna McKnight.

Chick wanted to know about the Leash Law if there was one, as she had almost been attacked on her way to the meeting. Pete said that there was a Leash Law but the Sheriff had told him not to get involved. Complaints are to be made to the Animal Control Officers in Flagstaff. Another person stated that she was told there were only 3 Animal Control Officers in all of Coconino

The motion to adjourn was made by Dianne, seconded by Edna and the Meeting was adjourned at 3:01p.m

The next FLOA Board Meeting will be held Saturday, August 17, 2002, 2:00 P.M. at the Chevelon Butte School. 


Frank Astemborski, PRESIDENT
Dianne Post, SECRETARY


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