Forest Lakes Owners Association

MAY 18, 2002

The regular meeting of the Forest Lakes Owners Association was held at the Chevelon Butte School.

Officers are:

  • PRESIDENT Frank Astemborski 
  • VICE-PRESIDENT Jack Greenleaf 
  • SECRETARY Dianne Post 
  • TREASURER Chick Ideker - Absent
  • MEMBERS Virgilee Scholl - Absent
  • Connie Widener
  • Al Mager
  • Jane Weathersby - Absent
  • Edna McNight - Absent

There being a quorum present the meeting was called to order by the president, Frank Astemborski at 1:59 P.M.




The minutes of the April 20th FLOA Meeting were read by the Dianne Post and on a motion by Connie, seconded by Al, were unanimously approved as amended by the officers present.


  • May checking balance = $22,409.17
  • Account balance = $61,866.31
  • On a motion by Dianne, seconded by Connie, the treasurer's report was unanimously approved by the officers present.



On of 5/18/02 there were 588 members


WEBMASTER: VIRGILEE SCHOLL there is a new front page


  1. Trailer – Frank – The trailer will be done in about 4 hours and needs a 2.5-inch ball, Jack has one we can use. 
  2. Welcome to Forest Lakes - Connie still needs something from the school. She had two to pass around for the persons present to see.
  3. Roads –- Jack said that the report is the same as in the past except Snow Well will be worked on.
  4. Community Development – Frank There will be Town Hall June 29th 7:30-3:00. A Continental Breakfast will be served and lunch will be provided. The Town Hall is being put on by the State and County agencies. Reservations must be in by June 1st. 
  5. Memorial Day Breakfast – We need baked goods and they need to be delivered by 7:00. We need help with the cooking and the Rummage Sale. 
  6. 4th of July Picnic – Al - The raffle items so far are an 18 inch Chain Saw, 20 inch TV/VCR, and a three seat swing with a canopy.
  7. Block Watch – Diane Mitchell – A booth will be set up and the Sheriff department is offering to do a security check of your home. One needs to sign up to get this done. There also will be information about Block Watch.
  8. School Board – Jan – Graduation will be Friday. We will have the same bus driver, Mr. Bill Moorehead
  9. Compactor– Frank – Introduced Sam Radobenko who will be speaking on what is being done to save the compactor. We need to present a plan of action to the County on May 28th. The persons on the Committee have come up with ways of saving money to run the compactor. The number of days the compactor is open depending on the time of year, Getting the bin pulled when it is full rather than once a week all year long, charge a dumping fee to all residents on a voluntary basis with up to 150 pounds per month before additional charges for excess of this amount. The County seems to like the plan and has had positive responses so far.

“NEW BUSINESS" - F.L.O.A. – Received a letter of thanks from the FL Fire Department for the money we gave them for their Search and Rescue Department. Pete said that they would be testing the siren on Monday or Tuesday around noon.

"OPEN FORUM": - A member of the Audience asked why we did not lower the speed limit to keep the dust down. It was stated that 25 is the lowest speed limit in the state except for school crossings and we could not change the limit.

 Debbie Ostemerier stated that we must clean our lots. The Firemen at the Prescott fire were having to make choices on which houses were to be saved, the ones that had done their part, by being cleared were the first ones on the list to be saved. Someone asked what FRED meant. It means Fuel Reduction Eradication Disposal. The Fire Department will mark trees that you want saved and give you la list of qualified persons to cut the trees down. They will pay half the cost up to $1,000.00.

The next FLOA Board Meeting will be held Saturday, June 15, 2002, 2:00 P.M. at the Chevelon Butte School. The motion to adjourn was made by Al, seconded by Dianne and the Meeting was adjourned at 3:27 p.m.


Frank Astemborski PRESIDENT



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