Forest Lakes Owners Association

April 20, 2002

The regular meeting of the Forest Lakes Owners Association was held at the Chevelon Butte School.

Officers are:

  • PRESIDENT Frank Astemborski 
  • VICE-PRESIDENT Jack Greenleaf 
  • SECRETARY Dianne Post - absent
  • TREASURER Chick Ideker
  • MEMBERS Virgilee Scholl
  • Connie Widener
  • Al Mager
  • Jane Weathersby
  • Edna McNight 

There being a quorum present the meeting was called to order by the president, Frank Astemborski at 2:02 P.M.


The minutes of the March 16th FLOA Meeting were read by the Connie Widener, and on a motion by Frank seconded by Jack, were unanimously approved as amended by the officers present.


  • March balance $25,437.65
  • April balance 27,731.39

On a motion by Connie, seconded by Virgilee, the treasurer's report was unanimously approved by the officers present.


MEMBERSHIP: VIRGILEE SCHOLL - On of 4/15/02 there were 578 members.

NEWSLETTER: VIRGILEE SCHOLL will be out the first week in May. 


  1. Trailer - Frank -- It was stated that we had purchased Chick's trailer. The Fire Auxiliary will pay for half the cost. It is hoped that the trailer will be done by the Breakfast
  2. Welcome to Forest Lakes - Connie - It was suggested that the church, library, and the school be mentioned in the packet. Wayne Rothwell mentioned about advertising in the newsletter and in the phonebook. Edna suggested that the Giant gasoline station had pamphlets on first aid and fire safety. 
  3. Roads - turning lanes - Jack - Scheduled for next summer, 2003, listed as District Minor Funds. The areas roads worked on by the county this summer are, Snow Well (N.W. corner of the subdivision), finish Larson Loop, Ryan Ranch to Wildcat Rd.
  4. Burn area - Frank -The burn area is converting over to the Fire Department. The Fire Department Grant will run for 2 more years. The price has been reduced to $3.00 per Pick-up Truck, logs up to 5 feet in length, and stumps no larger than 5 feet in diameter. NO LUMBER. The current hours for the 9:00-3:00 which may change. The compactor rate is determined by the Length X Width X height of the load and divide by 27. John Domdrinski and Matt Ryan said that the community needs to pay 60% of the Compactor fees for this year and will increase progressively to100% in 5 years. Sam Radobinko will be the Committee chair and will have a plan for setting our goals by May 25th
  5. Community Development - Frank - There are many Grants available to small communities that cooperate with each other. The fire Department will be coming around with a FREE service, marking trees that need to be cut. They will mark the trees you want to leave. You will be given a list of persons that can cut your trees down. You are responsible for hiring someone to cut the trees. The Fire Department will pay half of the cost for cutting up to $1,000.00. FLOA, Water, Fire, School, Church, and the Library must work together for the common good. The TOWN HALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE IN BY JUNE 1st. FLOA needs to know how many are coming so proper preparations can be made. 
  6. The School Board - Jan - FL had 3 Blue Ridge graduates this year. Monday the gravel trucks will be putting down new gravel in the Library parking lot. The Charter School is still in limbo, large support but in word only.

"NEW BUSINESS" - FLOA has fulfilled its commitment to Search and Rescue group with a check for $640.00.


Adjourned 3:21

The next FLOA Board Meeting will be held Saturday, May 18, 2002, 2:00 P.M. at the Chevelon Butte School. The motion to adjourn was made by _______, seconded by ______ and the Meeting was adjourned at _______ p.m.


Frank Astemborski PRESIDENT



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