Forest Lakes Owners Association

March 16, 2002

The regular meeting of the Forest Lakes Owners Association was held at the Chevelon Butte School.

Officers are:

  • PRESIDENT Frank Astemborski 
  • VICE-PRESIDENT Jack Greenfield - Absent 
  • SECRETARY Dianne Post
  • TREASURER Chick Ideker
  • MEMBERS Virgilee Scholl
  • Connie Widener - Absent
  • Al Mager
  • Jane Weathersby - Absent

There being a quorum present the meeting was called to order by the president, Frank Astemborski at 1:58 P.M. and the Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Frank Astemborski.


The minutes of the February 16, 2002 FLOA Meeting were read by the secretary, and on a motion by Dianne Post seconded by Chick, were unanimously approved as amended by the officers present.


March balance 25,769.27 + 61,324.39 in CD’s

Chick picked up the phone books and delivered 400 to Ron at the store and had some available for sale here.

On a motion by Dianne, seconded by Virgilee, the treasurer's report was approved unanimously by the officers present.


MEMBERSHIP: VIRGILEE SCHOLL - on of 3/15/02 there were 600 +/- members


Frank asked about the cost of the newsletter and Virgilee stated that the last on cost in ball Park figures as $12-1,400.00 per issue for postage and printing. Address changes cost $.60 each. Virgilee said that Randy Irvine does a great job with the newsletter. The DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES IS THE 15th of the month.

WEBMASTER: VIRGILEE SCHOLL - Virgilee wants everyone to update their area of the Web Page.


  1. Trailer – Dianne – said that she had found an advertisement in the Republic for a 16’ trailer for $849.00 at DB Trailer’s. Dianne suggested that we look at Chick’s trailer that is 16’long 8’ wide dual axel with electric brakes. Chick is asking $850 for the trailer. Dianne said that she would donate metal roofing material to cover the trailer.
  2. WELCOME TO FOREST LAKES-DIANNE for CONNIE See Attached list of recommendations. The list, of recommendations, was very well received. It might be possible to get a donation from some of the businesses wanting to be listed in this packet.
  3. Pine Needle Bailer – Al – did not have good news. He had found that the Forest Service in Florida was using a pine needle bailer. He found that it must be a bailer that can make 2 string bails that weigh no more than 85 pounds. The cost will be around $3,000.00.
  4. Phone Book –Jack – They are in.
  5. Roads – Jack – the report is the same as last month. The county will be working on Larson Loop and Ryan Ranch Road. 

The question had been raised as to what was happening with the right turn lanes. The question was raised when they would start. It was surveyed last year and it was thought that the bid would happen this year and it was to happen this next year. Elmer Hess said that he heard when he was at the Fire Department that that the Federal Government had released funds for safety related projects and he thought that our right turn lanes might be able to use some of those funds. 
The reason that the Preacher Canyon section has not been opened with a higher speed limit is because of a fault on the south side hill appeared and they have had one slide and are making sure the area is safe.

6. COMPACTOR/BURN AREA - FRANK & CHICK – 6 people from Forest Lakes went to Munds Part and met in the Firehouse Bay area. There was standing room only in the area. The people there will go to the Board of Supervisors and they will come back in a couple of months. Frank is still working with John Debrinski. Frank is to meet with Matt Ryan in a week. Matt received 100 e-mails from people concerned on this issue.

7. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – FRANK – Met for two hours with people from the States Department of Commerce, about a Town Hall, that will be June 20th. There were lots of ideas being presented. There will be another meeting April 8th in Payson. Elmer Hess presented us with an idea or proposal on the idea of a Community Center with land for activities. Mr. Hess was asked by Dianne to bring his proposal in writing to the next meeting


8. School Board – Jan – There seems to be a down feeling coming out of Phoenix on Charter School. The School board is not getting any enthusiasm from the parents. There will be three graduates from Forest Lakes. Justin Huft dripped out. 

There will be a First Transponder class starting soon. 

A member of the Fire Auxiliary will work with Al on the 4th of July Picnic. 



Keith stated that new burn permits were being printed. There forests may be closed May 1st.

The next FLOA Board Meeting will be held Saturday, April 20, 2002, 2:00 P.M. at the Chevelon Butte School. 

The motion to adjourn was made by Dianne, seconded by Chick and the Meeting was adjourned at 3:31p.m.


Frank Astemborski PRESIDENT



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