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Minutes of the Meeting


August 18, 2001

THOSE PRESENT: Frank Astemborski, President; Ralph Springer, Vice-President, Edna McKnight, Secretary; Chick Ideker, Treasurer; Jack Greenleaf; Bill Henry; Virgilee Scholl.

Absent: Patti Phillips, Jane Weathersby

There were 34 residents in attendance.

President Astemborski called the meeting to order at 2:02 p.m. and led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the July 21, 2001 Forest Lakes Owners Association meeting were read by the secretary. There being no corrections or additions, and

ON A MOTION DULY MADE BY Chick Ideker and seconded by Bill Henry, the minutes were accepted as read.

Treasurer's Report: Current checking account balance as of 8/18/01 was $19,310.00. Two certificates of deposit total $58,918.91. Special events account had a balance of $6,295.78.

ON A MOTION DULY MADE BY Ralph Springer and seconded by Edna McKnight, the treasurer's report was accepted as read.

Burn Pit: Current burn pit checking account balance is $6309.98. We are trying to accumulate funds to pay for the operation of the Air Curtain Destructor. Ralph submitted a bill from the fire department for $931.50 to cover the last burn of the pit. Jack Greenleaf moved that this bill be paid and Chick Ideker seconded the motion. Motion was passed by the board. Ralph also submitted a letter to William Towler of Coconino County Community Development regarding the application fee for a special use permit to allow the use of the Air Curtain Destructor on the land by the burn pit. Frank discussed the progress that is being made with the ACD. Also, starting Monday, August 20, the burn pit will be closed and opened only on Saturday and Sunday for dumping for the rest of the season.

ON A MOTION DULY MADE BY Ralph Springer and seconded by Edna McKnight, the burn pit report was accepted.

Website/Membership: Virgilee reported current membership at 604. Jeannie Van Lew is working on a full year calendar for the website so all events at the library, fire department, school board, etc., will be available. Newsletter has been mailed and everyone should have a copy in their mail box.

Roads: Jack Greenleaf had nothing new to report on the roads in the subdivision. Surveying is being done for the right-hand turn lanes.

School Board: Vi Hess reported for Jan Walls. Bill Morehead is ready to start driving the school bus as soon as his training is completed. We currently have 16 children going to school in Heber. Still looking at a charter school in Blue Ridge for K-8 to eliminate the 80 mile daily ride. The state will pick up the cost for the charter school.

Discussion was held regarding the fencing around the pond near the burn pit and parking access. This is designed to keep vehicle traffic from the pond area and protect the surrounding ground cover. Vehicles will still be able to use the existing forest service roads but only foot traffic will be allowed at the pond. Ralph Springer moved that FLOA spend the $3200 needed to complete this project, Bill Henry seconded the motion. Motion passed.

The annual meeting will be September 1, at 7:00 p.m. Awards will be presented at that time, annual reports from the various organizations will be given and elections will be held. There are four positions open for board members. Agenda will be posted on the website.

A request was presented to the FLOA Board from the Forest Lakes Fire Department for funds to purchase equipment for the Search and Rescue volunteers. After much discussion among board members and members of the audience, Bill Henry moved that FLOA donate $3600 to help defray these expenditures, Chick Ideker seconded the motion. Motion was passed by the board.

There being no further business, and, on a motion made by Jack Greenleaf and seconded by Chick Ideker, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.


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