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Minutes of the Meeting


March 17, 2001

THOSE PRESENT: Frank Astemborski, President; Ralph Springer, Vice-President, Edna Mcknight, Secretary; Jane Weathersby; Virgilee Scholl; Patti Phillips; Jack Creenleaf, Chick Ideker.

Absent: Jane Weathersby, Bill Henry

There were 25 residents in attendance.

President Astemborski called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m. and led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

ON A MOTION DULY MADE BY Jack Greenleaf and seconded by Edna McKight, the minutes of the February 17, 2001 were not read. Each member of the Board had received and read a copy of the minutes prior to the meeting. Correction was made to the attendance; Chick Ideker was at the February meeting.

Treasurer's Report: FLOA checking account balance $18,306.01 at Bank One.

ON A MOTION DULY MADE BY Ralph Springer and seconded by Patti Phillips, the report was accepted as read.

Web Site: Virgilee reported a disclaimer regarding local road conditions has been added to the web page and Jeannie Van Lew has provided the toll free number of ADOT for checking on road conditions outside the Forest Lakes area. Deadline for the next newsletter is April 02, 2001. An address correction has been put on the front of the newsletter. Thanks were expressed to everyone who assisted in getting out the last newsletter. Deadline for the next newsletter is April 2, 2001. Membership is now at 545 with 10 paid advertisers. Board changes on the web site need to be made.

Roads: Jack Greenleaf reported on the progress of getting a right turn lanes on 260. At present cost projections are being made and will he submitted to the state. Discussion was held regarding the recent meeting with ADOT and members of Forest Lakes and what we are trying to accomplish in getting the right turn lanes and posted signs regarding the no-passing through Forest Lakes an also that there is a passing lane west of Forest Lakes.

SB-2749 Educational Land Grant Bill: Ralph Springer reported on the current status of this bill regarding obtaining property for educational use. Jan Walls from the school board reported on how this has changed from the original recreation community use to being solely educational purposes. She has been in contact with Flagstaff Board of Education and it looks like it will be very restricted, i.e., office, bus barn and maybe library. The community building does not look good. At present Jan and her people are just beginning to look into this and have nothing definite to date. also, discussed the relation with blue ridge and what they might want from this bill. Hopefully, we can split from blue Ridge before anything is finalized. Open discussion was held regarding the bill and tits general ramifications to the community. suggestion was made to eventually send out a mailing to all members of the community as to what is going on.

Phone Books: The data base for the phone books are nearly ready for the printers. Jack Greenleaf will be using Rim Country Printers in Payson.

2001 Western Wildland. We Urban Interface Grant: Jack Dunn spoke regarding this Federal Grant that the Forest Lakes Fire Department has applied, and have been approved for $240,000. there are three areas that these funds are targeted for: $100,000 for an air curtain destructor and loader. $100,000 to establish a matching fund to assist homeowners in cleaning their lots; example being if the homeowner spends $2000 cleaning his lot, he can apply for $1000 to reimurse his out of pocket expense. This would be maximum per lot but can be less. This would help in fire prevention. $18,000 for educational video for homeowners. Money must be spent and then a request for reimbursement submitted. This is not a done deal and there are several areas that must be worked out before we can accept the money.

Question and answer sesion followed Mr. Dunn's outline.

Mr. Dunn asked FLOA to enter into this as a co-operative partner and will also be asking the county todo the same. The fire department will be responsible for the fund management. It was suggested that Frank Astemborski be the FLOA representative to be present at discussions on the contracts and to report back to the board. This will be considered at at special executive session t ofollow this meeting.

Patti Phillips reported the 4th of July picnic will be on Saturday, July 7th. She will be holding a special planing meeting before the next FLOA meeting on April 21, at 12:30. Everyone interested in assisting was encouraged to attend.

There being no further business, and on a montion duly made by Ralph Springer and seconded by Edna McKnight, the meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.


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