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Minutes of the Meeting


February 17, 2001

THOSE PRESENT: Frank Astemborski, President; Ralph Springer, Vice-President, Edna McKnight, Secretary; Jane Weathersby; Virgilee Scholl; Patti Phillips; Jack Greenleaf, Bill Henry

There were 25 residents in attendance.

President Astemborski called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. and led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the January 20, 2001 Forest Lakes Owners Association meeting were read by the secretary. There being no corrections or additions, and

ON A MOTION DULY MADE BY Ralph Springer and seconded by Jane Weathersby, the minutes were accepted as read.

There was no treasurer's report; all the records are still with the auditor. The auditor needs more information that Frank will be providing. The auditor is going back into 1990 to correct some problems there so that everything will be up to date and correct.

Web site: Virgilee has contacted Jeannie Van Lew; should be no problem putting a disclaimer regarding highway conditions on the web site. Keith Scholl will be taking care of this. Discussion was held regarding additional pictures and information that can be put on the web site. Membership returns are at 484 to date and seven classified ad renewals. A $75.00 donation has been received from James Matchinsky, lot 637, and a thank-you letter will be sent by the secretary on behalf of the board and community. Virgilee has received an estimate from the Rim Country Printers for the new phone book, including the two extra pages. It will be about $0.85 a copy for 500 copies. Jack Greenleaf will also be checking in the valley on prices. The estimate is good for 60 days.

Roads: Jack Greenleaf reported Tom Foster from ADOT has assigned Roger Hopt, the coordinator for construction in this area who is working with Mike Anderson of Coconino County to ascertain if the county will come up with half the necessary money to put in the right turn lanes. They want to come up on Tuesday, March 6, at 10:00 a.m. to meet with representatives of the community to do a field review regarding where the right-turns need to be installed. A notice will be put at the store.

Request was made to get no turn signs on the east side of Merzville Road on both sides of 260. Jack said he would check into obtaining the signs.

Community Coordinating Committee: Ralph Springer read the FLOA by-laws regarding the situation with the sub-committee and reported on what he had accomplished with the county relative to the discussions that had taken place during the January meeting. He presented a memo that he had given to President Astemborski covering his discussion with Mr. Matt Ryan, Coconino County Supervisor District Three, regarding Coconino County Grant Funds.

He had called Mr. Ryan after the discussions held at the January meeting and Mr. Ryan said he would refer the matter to the County Attorney. The county attorney responded that expenditures made from the RCA and matching FLOA funds fall within a legitimate public purpose for which such grants may be made. The funds are still available and Mr. Hess's complaint calling for an investigation was not addressed. A copy of the CCC financial statement was provided to each member of the board. Mr. Springer continued to talk about what had been discussed at the January meeting regarding Mr. Hess's allegations regarding the money and what was being done with it. Board members were provided with copies of plans and designation as to where the money was being spent. He further talked about the relationship of FLOA and the other elected groups of the community, particularly the Fire Department and its use in burning the burn pit. Also, the 2001 Western Wildland/Urban Interface Grant Program was brought up and how it was presented, supposedly by both the Fire Department and FLOA. However, it apparently was never presented to the full FLOA Board for approval, and discussion was held regarding whether or not the Board would be part of this Grant.

Mr. Springer made a motion that Mr. Hess's document, undated, his memorandum, be rejected as a spurious attack upon the lawful conduct of this corporation's business that was conducted in full accord with our Article's of Incorporation and By-laws as amended. Frank Astemborski suggested that the motion be taken to Executive Session and discussed; seconded by Edna McKnight and passed by board.

Mr. Springer then made another motion to remove Elmer Hess's name as a representative of the Forest Lakes Fire Department Board of Directors from the Community Coordinating Committee for the following reasons: His isrepresentation of his authority to represent the Fire Board, and, his stated desire to be relieved of this misrepresented assignment, and to approve Mrs. Sandra Barker as the representative to the Forest Lakes Community Coordinating Committee appointed by the Chairperson of the Forest Lakes Community Church Board of Directors, and to appoint Mr. Mark Shack as a representative of Forest Lakes Owners at Large.

Seconded by Virgilee Scholl and approved by the board with one dissenting vote.

Further discussion was held regarding the Grant request.

Mr. Springer reported on SB2417, Educational Land Grant Bill, signed into law by Mr. Clinton. This is not the Hayworth Bill, HR15O. This bill cut out the amendment that would have enabled us to obtain land for public usage. Will continue to visit with Mr. Kyle's office to see if he will resubmit that portion of the bill and get it through congress this year. Need this bill to obtain property for a air curtain destructor or permanent burn pit. Have tried to get a special use permit but the Forest Service has denied it.

Mr. Springer made another motion to approved the 2001 Western Wildland/Urban Interface Grant request submitted by the Forest Lakes Fire Department in principle with full approval withheld pending a satisfactory resolution of the following issues.

  1. Does the Fire Department wish to go it alone by rewriting the grant request, or work with FLOA sub-committee CCC to make this a true partnership

  2. A legal opinion on the issue of jurisdiction use of the Fire Department equipment first brought by the Fire Chief last summer. Our participation would depend upon that opinion, and if there is a cost it must be within the scope of FLOA's ability to pay. It there is such an expense who bears the burden if it is out of range for FLOA.

  3. The Fire Department separation from threatened legal action against FLOA and our Forest Lakes Community Plan.

  4. Acquisition of permanent site, by purchase or lease, to locate the proposed equipment and storage of fuels waiting to be burned.

Elmer Hess responded to questions regarding intention of suing FLOA and stated he had no intention of suing the board. Frank responded saying he had received no less than five phone calls from Mr. Hess's attorney pertaining to this subject and he indicated in one of those calls the possibility of a suit. He wanted to subpoena our tapes and was told he would have to get them from the FLOA attorney.

After much discussion regarding these issues and their ramifications, if passed, Patti Phillips seconded the motion and the motion was passed by the FLOA Board.

Burn Pit Property: Frank read a letter from Bryce Johnson requesting a 12 month lease at $1500 per month for five acres including the existing well. This comes to $18,000 a year. He intends to pursue this further. Discussion was held regarding the problems we face and how they might possibly be resolved.

New Business: Mr. Springer requested that he be replaced as Chairperson of CCC and as a member of the Board if so desired by the Board. This was tabled until executive session.

The board secretary read honors garnered by the Forest Lakes Water Department at a recent meeting of the Arizona Small Utilities Association in Laughlin. Water Operator of the Year, Don Wilson, Water System of the Year, and, by blind taste test, the Silver Goblet Award for best water. Sample of the water is being taken to Washington, D. C. for the national meeting and to compare to national small utility water samples.

There being no further business and, on a motion by Edna McKnight and seconded by Ralph Springer, the meeting was adjourned at 3:49 p.m.


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