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Minutes of the Meeting


January 20, 2001

THOSE PRESENT: Frank Astemborski, President; Ralph Springer, Vice-President, Edna McKnight, Secretary; Jane Weathersby; Virgilee Scholl; Patti Phillips; Jack Greenleaf, chick Ideker.

ABSENT: Bill Henry

There were 20 residents in attendance.

President Astemborski called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. and led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the November 18, 2000 Forest Lakes Owners Association meeting were read by the secretary. Correction made regarding Jack Cartwright moving to valley; he did not indicate that he was moving to the valley, just that he would be spending a lot more time there teaching. There being no further corrections or additions, and

ON A MOTION DULY MADE BY Virgilee Scholl and seconded by Jane Weathersby, the minutes were accepted as amended.

There was no treasurer's report, all the records are still with the auditor. The auditor needs more information that Frank will be providing.

Web site: Virgilee reported that everyone is making use of the web site and love it. The weather report on the site is especially appreciated. Question was raised about highway conditions being confused with road conditions in subdivision. Inquiries are being referred to the highway department. Discussion was held about putting a disclaimer on the web page so that people would know that the conditions on road conditions are for the subdivision roads and not the highway. Keith will check on how to do this.

Membership envelopes have been sent out and so far 17 have replied.

Roads: Jack Greenleaf had nothing to report. Top soil has been put down on Larson Loop.

Additional no left turn signs have been installed on Highway 260. The state has plans to put in right turn lanes at Merzville, Sheep Springs and Trout Springs but will only pay for 50% of the cost if the county will pay for the other 50%. The general opinion is that Merzville is the most dangerous with people passing in the left turn only lane leading into on coming traffic. Jack will continue to work with the county trying to get the necessary funding.

New Business: Patti Phillips passed out work sheets for the 4th of July picnic outlining areas that will need volunteers to get started toward the 4th. Information will also be put on the web site seeking assistance. Discussion was held as to what day the picnic would be held due to the 4th being on Wednesday this year. Suggestion was made to contact Heber/Overgaard to find out when they would be holding their fireworks so we can coordinate with them.

Welcome to Forest Lake packets need to be updated and to Frank by the February meeting.

Suggestion was made to get a long distance phone card instead of using a long distance phone service to save money.

Juanita Callahan will no longer be doing the Forest Lakes phone book and Jack Greenleaf is working on putting the 2001 book out. Virgilee will provide him with a current list, hopefully by the end of February. Frank also suggested getting input from the fire department and water department. Jack Dunn requested that some general information on emergencies be included in the phone book. Also, the map needs to be corrected. Discussion was held to contents of phone book, cost of printing and additional information that could be included.

Community Coordinating Committee: Ralph Springer read two responses to a packet of information that had been sent out to the Forest Lakes Owners Association by Elmer Hess (see attached Packet A) regarding Mr. Springer's conduct on the Community Coordinating Committee. The first response was addressed to the members and community at large and the second to the FLOA Board (see attached Packet B). After Mr. Springer finished reading his responses, Mr. Hess responded. The Board chose not to respond to Mr. Hess's allegations at this time. After lengthy open discussion from the floor, from community members, and members of the Fire Board and Fire Chief no final decisions were made other than the report of the withdrawal of representatives from the fire department, fire board, and the deputy sheriff from the Community Coordinating Committee. At that time, the FLOA Board President called for an Executive Meeting to be held after the regular meeting, and, there being no further business,

ON A MOTION DULY MADE by Edna McKnight and seconded by Chick Ideker, the meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.


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