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Minutes of the Meeting


September 16, 2000

THOSE PRESENT: Frank Astemborski, President; Edna McKnight, Secretary; Jack Greenleaf, Virgilee Scholl, Ralph Springer, Jane Weathersby, Bill Henry.

ABSENT: Patti Phillips, Jack Cartwright There were 35 residents in attendance.

President Astemborski called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. and led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Program was streamlined to accommodate the candidates for the upcoming election so most reports and minutes were not read.

Ralph Springer introduced the new board for 2000/2001. New President is still the old president, Frank Astemborski; Vice-President, Ralph Springer; Edna McKnight, Secretary; Jack Cartwright, Treasurer; Jane Weathersby; Jack Greenleaf; Bill Henry; Virgilee Scholl; and Patti Phillips.

Frank reported that burn pit fees to contractors has been increased due to the cost of burning the pit. The cost of burning the pit has increased considerably; the last burn cost was almost $1000. We have tried to hold rates at a minimum for subdivision owners down and hope to hold them at their current rate at least until next year. Due to increased fire department costs, the burn pit is at a minus. Checking account balance as of September 16, is $1201.89 including a carry over from 1999 of $1105. Discussion was held regarding increased costs, contractor dumping of inappropriate material, and safety of the personnel handling the burns.

Pancake breakfast, September 2, had a total after expense profit of $1669.89.

Diane Mitchell urged everyone to check out the new website. Also, she reported on the first block watch meeting that was very well attended. Another meeting will be on Monday, at Diane’s house. Future meetings will be posted and included in the newsletter.

There being no further business, and

ON A MOTION DULY MADE by Ralph Springer and seconded by Edna McKnight the meeting was adjourned.

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