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Minutes of the Meeting


January 15, 2000

THOSE PRESENT: Frank Astemborski, President; Ralph Springer, Vice-President; Edna McKnight, Secretary; Irene Evans, Treasurer; Jane Weathersby, Virgilee Scholl, Jack Greenleaf; Jack Cartwright

ABSENT: Bill Henry.

There were nine residents in attendance.

President Astemborski called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. and led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the November 20, 1999 Forest Lakes Owners Association meeting were read by the secretary. Correction to spelling of Jan Walls name and that excess slash was being placed in the burn pit and not by it. There being no further corrections or additions, and,

ON A MOTION DULY MADE BY Ralph Springer and seconded by Jack Greenleaf, the minutes were accepted.

Treasurer's Report: Irene Evans gave the Treasurer's Report through December, 1999. Ninety-nine memberships, $14,150. Expenses totaled $2405.54. Assets $21,226.15, three CDs totaling $39,681.90 for a total of $60,908.05 not including the burn pit. We have one CD with Bank One that will mature January 28, 2000, in the amount of $7,050 at a rate of 4.48. There are two CDs at Community Bank; one that will mature September 25, 2000, in the amount of $14,248.44 at a rate of 4.15, and one that will mature February 15, 2000 in the amount of $18,408.46 at a rate of 3.95.

Question was raised regarding improved rates for CDs. Irene reported that she had checked with six banks and said Bank One had the best rate at 6.31. Discussion was made regarding increasing the Bank One CD to $10,000 to qualify for the 6.31 rate by transferring the money from the checking. Also moving $2,000 from checking to the CD that will mature on February 15, to bring it up to $20,000. This will leave $

A MOTION to increase the Bank One CD to $10,000 and the Community Bank CD that matures 2/15/00 to $20,000 was made Ralph Springer and seconded by Jack Greenleaf. Motion was accepted.

Burn Pit: Frank Astemborski reported the burn pit has been closed since November. Contractors were permitted to dump into December but final financial settlement from them has not been made. The remainder of burn pit monies except for about $1000 has been given to the FLOA and Frank presented a check in the amount of $4400 to the Treasurer. The $1000 has been retained to cover cost of burning the pit when conditions permit. Currently $1015 is in the burn pit account. Would like to continue the $3.00 fee to homeowners next summer as an incentive to property owners to clean their lots especially as it looks like it could be a very dry summer. Board approved his re quest.

Frank has been talking to John Dombrinski regarding purchase of the land where the pit is located as it is for sale. He said this is on the County Supervisors' July Agenda to acquire the property. Regarding workmen's camp and insurance, we are to continue as previously as the county is planning to keep the pit open. As to who will continue running the burn pit, Frank feels the county wants the Owners' Association to continue with it. It will be county property but we will have to obtain additional insurance. However, there are several different directions that the control could go but until after July 1, everything will remain as it has been.

Website: Virgilee reported Jeannie Van Lew has been gone but the site is up and running. The middle man that had been running the web had not been paying the bills so we were down for a while. Problem with name has been settled and Jeannie has also found a cheaper company to work through. Frank encouraged everyone to use the web site. New roster will be updated and board roster added.

Community Roads: Jack Greenleaf reported there wasn't a lot of progress. The county was supposed to blade over the washboarding, which has not been done. Merzville Loop easement still has not been satisfactorily cleared out. Jack spoke with Mr. Garcia about coming to either April or May meeting. May was selected as the best month and will put posters up to generate interest and get a good turnout.

Community Building: Ralph Springer spoke with J. D. Hayworth's office and was told that the senator from New Mexico is still holding up the bill. Mr. Hayworth indicated he didn't know what the holdup was but that it would be his number one priority when Congress reconvenes. He thinks it will pass but they still have to find out what the man from New Mexico wants.

Ralph has a new advertiser for one year from a Christopher Creek Realtor in addition to the one time ad that had come in previously.

New Business:

Frank introduced the Vial of Life that is used nationwide. They are available at the Fire Station and from the Board. The vials are for medical information that are to be kept on the door shelf of the refrigerator. There is a medical history sheet for each family member. An alert sticker will be put on the front door to let emergency medical personnel know that the information is available and where to find it. The vials are free to the community. The vials can also be kept in the glove box of cars with the alert sticker on the driver's side windshield.

Will be having a emergency preparedness meeting with Jim Driscoll from the county and Pete Davis at the February meeting.

Frank discussed a neighbor helping neighbor network. This would be to give people someone to contact in case of a problem rather than calling the sheriff, fire department or water department. The problem of keeping everything current was brought up and Frank will discuss with Pe4e~~T~Also, using the internet and posting information at the store was suggested. Emergency information needs to be kept updated.

Dick Evans from the Water Board reported on the problems they were having with the county getting a zoning permit for a storage shed at the Water Department. He explained all the requirements that were being presented regarding the parking, landscaping and other problems. He asked that the Board and members of the community write to the Planning and Zoning commission and also attend the January 25 meeting to get some relief from these City of Flagstaff zoning requirements.

Discussion was held and the Board agreed to help.

Open Forum: Lee Kemp from the School Board asked for help from the FLOA Board regarding the erection of the 160' by six foot wall that has been required by the county as a result of complaints from the homeowner next to this property. This was part of the requirements for the extension of our use permit of the school board building. Discussion was held regarding cost, what building the wall would entail as to removal of trees and property destruction, and cost. The general agreement was that the wall would be an eyesore, primarily to the homeowner who is demanding the wall to cut down the noise and light from the front of the building. It was decided to reapply to Flagstaff and present these problems and try to work out a more equitable solution to the problem that would satisfy both the homeowner and the school board. The FLOA Board will do what they can to be of assistance in settling this matter but the School Board will have to be the ones to go back to Flagstaff and present their position. In addition it was agreed that a shield could be fitted on the security light in the front of the school building and a sound barrier across the end of the basketball court where some of the noise is coming from, to show good faith in trying to comply with the problems.

There being no further business, and

ON A MOTION DULY MADE By Irene Evans and seconded by Jack Cartwright, the meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m.


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