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MAY 17, 2003

The regular meeting of the Forest Lakes Owners Association was held at the Chevelon Butte School.

Board members present were: Frank Astemborski, Jack Greenleaf, Carole Short, Virgilee Scholl, Bob Mitchell and John Hennessey. Absent were: Nancy Greenleaf, Chick Ideker and Dianne Post. There were 19 present in the audience.

There being a quorum present the meeting was called to order by president Frank Astemborski at 2:00 p.m.

The pledge of allegiance was led by Frank.

The minutes of the April 19th meeting were unavailable and will be read at the next meeting.

The treasurerís report was presented by treasurer Carole Short. It was moved, seconded and carried to accept the report as read. Carole announced that the compactor account had a balance of $504.00 with the support of 14 residents. Carole is keeping the special events and compactor accounts separate from the other funds.

Virgilee announced there are now 584 members. The snow report on the website will resume at the first snow. 

Diane Mitchell stated the Block Watch Meetings are continuing and if you need help to organize a Neighborhood Watch in your area please contact her.

Frank announced the trailer needs painting. Carole is to check with Stewart to see if he will help paint the outside. Jack has an airless paint gun he will loan for the project.

Jack announced the turn lanes for Highway 260 in Forest Lakes will be postponed until next year due to the budget crunch.

The Pancake Breakfast will be held on the 24th of this month. Mary Reid is in charge of the Rummage collection and sale. We need rummage and donations of baked goods.

Bob Mitchell and Jack Greenleaf will be checking on sources for a large map of Forest Lakes for the store.

Jan Walls reported that the school year ends this next week on the 23rd.   We have 11 students at this time, no high school graduates this year. We expect 5 new students when school opens again August 13th. Heber still wants us to join their school district, but Winslow is not interested. Jan and Vi Hess are still working on the district areas.

Jan Walls reported that the Auxiliary will be working with FLOA at the pancake breakfast. They will be selling the "Fire T-shirts" at a discount. Memberships in the auxiliary are $6.00 each or $10.00 for a family. The first Ice Cream Social will be Saturday, June 21st at 5 p.m. at the fire station.

Announcements: There will be no ATVís allowed on the north side of Hwy 260 from Merzville Road to Sheep Springs due to the new water pipeline construction.

Applications are being accepted to the Fire Board for a board member to fill one vacancy. Qualifications are being a registered voter in Coconino County and the Forest Lakes Fire District.

Open Forum: Dianne Mitchell stated she is selling raffle tickets for the quilt made by the Piecemakers. The drawing will be in October after the quilt showing in Show Low. Cheryl Rife questioned the audience as to whether she should order new movies in the VHS format or DVDís. The response was about even.

Bob Mitchell will be giving out pamphlets about the FRAT Team at the breakfast ticket booth.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:43 p.m. to be followed by a planning meeting with the Auxiliary for the July 4th Picnic.

Respectfully submitted,

Virgilee Scholl, Secretary protem


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