The following is a list of people who are lucky enough to be full time residents of Forest Lakes. They have volunteered to allow their names, addresses, phone numbers and other information to be posted here so that the part time residents and occasional visitors will have a contact point in case of a non-emergency problem. These good folks are offering to lend a hand if at some time you find yourself in need of information or help and just do not know where to turn. Of course in a real emergency you would call the emergency number: 911

However, if you don't have a phone or the phones are out of service, you may find this list helpful in an emergency situation. You will note that many on the list are members of our fire department and as such have two-way radios, which are for use in emergency situations. The main use of this list, however, is to assist you in non-emergency situations. Please feel free to call or visit and ask questions. Remember, however, that not everyone is home all the time so try another person if your problem needs immediate attention. We honestly want to help in any way we can.

If any full time resident wishes to be added to this list, call Keith Scholl at 535-3361.

For information on the Neighborhood Watch program call Diane Mitchell at: 535-9200.

Kennedy, Bob and Sally (FLFD Radio)
231 Merzville

Walls, Gene and Jan
158 Mineral Dr

McKnight, John and Edna
243 Elk Circle

Mitchell, Bob and Diane
135 Mineral Dr

Scholl, Keith and Virgilee
654 West Loop