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In June of 2000, the Air Horn Evacuation System was tested and is now operational. This system is in place due to the time and dedication of several members of the community over the last few years. The plan started with lessons learned during the major snowstorm of January 1997. Although that "Incidents Plan" was effective, the Fire Department and our Sheriff’s Deputy at that time, Pete Davis, believed much more could be done and in a more thorough way.

Since that time the plan has evolved into an Incident Command System we are very proud of and confident with. The following is an overview of our system:

Upon the recognition of a local emergency (snowstorm, fire, HAZ-MAT) the Incident Command System will be implemented. The system is based on a chain of command which designates particular responsibilities to individual volunteers. As the incident expands it may be necessary to evacuate some or all of the residents of Forest Lakes. This evacuation will be completed in the following manner:

First, the Air Horn System, which is mounted on a trailer, will be activated. This trailer is equipped to notify the entire community with an air horn in approximately 30 minutes. If one continuous blast of air is activated, residents should prepare to evacuate within the hour. If short blasts are heard, evacuation is immediate, danger is eminent

Secondly, evacuators will contact you door to door if possible.  These volunteers will advise you of the following:

  1. Type of emergency and location.
  2. Approximate time to evacuate.
  3. Direction of evacuation route.
  4. Tie a white towel or cloth to your doorknob.
  5. This will be the only personal contact received.

Evacuation routes will be designated with either "E" signs or evacuation volunteers at intersections.

Finally, the Forest Lakes Fire Department will announce the evacuation over the radio periodically so having a scanner in your home is strongly advised.

If you would like to know who your area leader is, you may come by the fire house for a list and an evacuation brochure with pertinent information.  

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