ATV and OHV Information

From the Coconino County Sheriff's Department

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Department would like to take this opportunity to explain our policy regarding the licensing and use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s). It is important for operators of these vehicles to be knowledgeable of all statutes pertaining to the lawful operation of ATV’s. All roads within Coconino County, unless privately owned, fall under regulation as prescribed by Arizona Revised Statutes to operate ATV’s.  On all roads, the operator must comply with applicable laws and regulations including:

  • Any motorcycle or ATV being operated on a “street” or “highway” is required to be registered, insured and the drivers are required to possess the appropriate license endorsements. A vehicle registered as “Off-Road” is not entitled to be driven on a public highway.
  • All persons under the age of 18 are required to have helmet and eye protection. (This is required ‘Anywhere” within the State of Arizona, including private property).
  • All persons are required to have eye protection.
  • Parents should be aware that under ARS 28-3474, permitting on unauthorized minor to drive, they may be held accountable for actions of their minor children who operate these vehicles.

The Arizona Office of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division has the following equipment requirements for these vehicles to be registered for operation on a public highway:

  1. Horn
  2. Rearview Mirror
  3. Muffler
  4. Brake system approved by MVD
  5. Headlight
  6. Tail Lamp
  7. Stop Light
  8. License Plate Light
  9. Fuel Tank Cap
  10. Seat and footrest for operator, if the vehicle is being operated with a passenger, a seat, footrest, and handrail for the passenger.
  11. The handlebars cannot be positioned so that the hands of the operator are above the operator’s shoulder’s when the operator is sitting astride the seat and the operator’s hands are on the handlebar grips.



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