Photos of our beautiful community and the areas around it. 

On the way to the pond and compactor.

Campers Country Corner, the place to go for more than just groceries.

Ryan_ranch.jpg (309574 bytes) Ryan Ranch
Submitted by Bryce Johnson
ferns.jpg (107141 bytes)

Ferns on the Awerkamps' lot. Looking toward Sheep Springs Road.  Photo submitted by D&J Awerkamp

The steakhouse. The Forest Lakes Lodge where the  Fourth of July picnic is held.
Mvc-824l.jpg (188617 bytes) Maximillian Daisies in front of the library
Photo submitted by D&J Awerkamp
MVC-531L.JPG (94146 bytes) Aspen just off Hwy 260 on the road to Young taken October 28, 2000
Photo submitted by D&J Awerkamp
Sheep.jpg (205686 bytes) Sheep in field
Submitted by Bryce Johnson
woods canyon sunrise.jpg (166937 bytes) Woods Canyon at Sunrise
Submitted by Bryce Johnson
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Revised: 14 Jul 2007